Could the Meningitis Outbreak Come to Washington?

Anyone who received a steroid shot in the last few months is likely watching nervously as the meningitis casualty rate increases. The fungus that was traced to tainted steroid shots mixed at the New England Compounding Center has infected more than 350 people with fungal meningitis. More than two dozen have died. Fortunately for Washington residents, the state Department of Health has claimed none of the recalled lots of the steroid injections were shipped to Washington. However, the Seattle Times reported on Oct. 26 that the state is investigating a complaint against the company who sold the drug. So far the outbreak of fungal meningitis has spread to 19 states, and health officials estimate as many as 14,000 people were exposed.

Manufacturers Are Responsible

Meningitis is a serious disease, especially when the agent of infection is fungus. The illness is debilitating and potentially fatal, and the treatment is aggressive and poisonous to the body. People who have suffered from the contaminated shots are asking the question: Who is responsible?

The NECC is a clear target, since they mixed the drugs, but everyone in the supply chain could be held liable for the production, distribution and administration of the drug. The meningitis outbreak illustrates the fields of both product liability and medical malpractice.

Injured Victims Must Fight for Compensation

This sad situation highlights the complexity of recovering compensation when you are injured from a medical procedure. Even though your injuries are clear, you must identify the responsible party and prove wrongful action or negligence.

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