A Parents’ Guide to Preventing Birth Defects Before It’s Too Late

Download Guide to Preventing Birth Defects eBookEach year approximately 120,000 babies are born with birth defects. In an effort to battle this statistic and to provide support to expecting parents, we have created a free resource with comprehensive information about how to prevent birth defects from occurring. While not all can be prevented, awareness, education and proactive efforts can help increase your chance of having a healthy baby. Since development of many of these defects begins in the first trimester of pregnancy, prenatal care is the best method for prevention.

We created this e-book for soon-to-be parents to serve as a helpful guide. The e-book identifies an action plan to help prevent birth defects and focus on lifestyle improvements. It also shows evidence of how certain medications can affect you and your baby during pregnancy. The key to prevention begins with awareness. By using this resource, parents can better prepare their baby for a healthy future.

Download the free eBook “Expecting Parents Guide to Preventing Birth Defects.”

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