UPS Hit-and-Run Caught on Camera

ups accident

Last November, Tukwila resident Brittany Jackson was crossing the street at Minkler Boulevard and Andover Park West, as she usually did after leaving work each afternoon.

Only this time, instead of making it to the other side, she found herself staring into a headlight at eye-level.

“Next thing after that, I’m on the ground,” she said, according to news station KOMO

‘You Hit Me.’

Jackson remembers feeling wheels go over her feet and then seeing a man in a brown and yellow uniform kneel down beside her.

He asked who hit me,” she said, “as if questioning me.”

She gasped out the words, “Brown and yellow.”

Did she mean a brown and yellow vehicle?, the man wanted to know.

I said no,” Jackson went on. “It was a brown truck, yellow light. It was a UPS truck. You hit me.

And that, she recalls, is when the man stopped talking to her and left.

Caught on Camera

The driver has since testified that he didn’t know he hit anyone.

However, an overhead camera attached to a streetlight at the intersection tells a different story.

The video from the camera shows the UPS truck hitting Jackson, stopping, the driver getting out and approaching her, then returning to his vehicle and driving away.

Seeking Justice

Since that night, Jackson has undergone a steady improvement from wheelchair to leg braces to physical therapy.

Between her physical injuries and her medical expenses, she has had to miss months of work and move back in with her parents.

Last Friday, Jackson and her attorney launched suit against UPS and driver Carl Scammon for lost wages and medical expenses.

So far, her attorney reports, UPS has not accepted blame, but they did fireScammon after the initial hearing.

Get Help

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