Fighting Back Against SSRI Manufacturers

Stories are piling up against the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor anti-depressants for treating anxiety and depression. From tragic tales of increased incidence of suicide to those trapped in a hopeless spiral into brain fog, lowered libido and poor quality of life, the use of SSRI antidepressants for many seems to only worsen the condition these drugs are meant to alleviate.


Here at Perey Law, we are particularly well-acquainted with the link of SSRI drugs to an increased risk of birth defects. These kinds of drugs are associated with all kinds of defect affecting the heart, spine, skeleton and more. They are also linked to all kinds of conditions in growing children, from cleft palate to autism to suicidal behavior.

ssri, zoloft bottles Yet in spite of all this, drug manufacturers continue to pump drugs like Zoloft, Prozac, Celexa and Paxil into the marketplace. No matter how many studies document a link to birth defects, the marketing behind these multibillion-dollar companies manages to keep them looking attractive and progressive to new potential users.

And doctors keep prescribing them.

Find Your Community

If you have suffered from the effects of SSRI drugs, you are most certainly not alone. Band together with other victims of SSRI drug effects, and use your numbers to your advantage. Finding support for depression and anxiety at communities like Beyond Blue is only the start. WebMD also has numerous communities devoted to depression, anxiety, panic disorder and more. And there are plenty of organizations and communities devoted to birth defects. There may be one that focuses specifically on the defect your child faces.

Support groups can also lobby effectively for changes in medical practice in their city or state. Groups can target specific doctors or hospitals whose negligence has resulted in your pain and suffering. They can also spread information with greater power to reach potential new users of SSRI drugs before it’s too late. Word of mouth is always more effective than an ad campaign. Use your voice and join forces with others to help prevent the devastation of these kinds of drugs.

Take Legal Action

If your child was born with a birth defect linked to SSRI, you are certainly not alone. Thousands of people have been struck with this unexpected suffering, and many have taken legal action against the makers of these drugs. There may be a nationwide litigation you can join to seek justice. By joining forces with these people, you can use your story as a powerful force for change.

Consult a Lawyer

No matter how confident you are that your child’s defect was caused by an antidepressant you took, you can be sure that the drug manufacturer is going to fight your claim. Consulting an experienced lawyer in your state is a vital part of obtaining justice. You need someone on your side who knows the intricacies of medical law and how it applies to your particular situation, who can speak with authority and make sure a judge or jury takes your case seriously.

The team at Perey Law has seen more than their share of birth defect cases here in Washington. To help understand how they happen, and also help prevent them, read through our chart listing the research on common causes of birth defects.

If you need help in a case of birth defect due to malpractice and negligence, contact us today at 206-443-7600 for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn what your rights and resources are.