An Expecting Parents’ Guide to Birth Defects

So you’ve got a baby on the way.

If you’re like every other expecting parent, your mind is full of excitement – and worry. What if my baby isn’t healthy?

There are many, many things you should be sure you know before your baby comes. But, in this ebook, we focus on one topic in particular: birth defects. They must be on your list of topics to familiarize yourself with — and sooner, rather than later. There are things you could be doing now that might minimize your baby’s risk of suffering a congenital defect.

At the Perey Law Group, we have represented families whose bundle of joy was born with a congenital defect. These families are heartbroken. Some affected babies face a lifetime of medical treatments. Others are in a struggle for their lives from Day 1.

The grief these families suffer is immense.

We do our best to help these families seek justice when a drug manufacturer or another party is responsible for what has happened. That’s our job as attorneys, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done. But we cannot change the past for them.

We can impact the future, however. That’s why the Perey Law Group is offering this resource for expecting parents.

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