Meet Bobby, a Burn Injury Victim

[GRAPHIC: Meet Bobby, A Testimonial]
Bobby is a 54-year-old man who operates at the level of a 5-year-old due to birth defects that brought about a mental handicap. Unfortunately, he was burned by hot water at a hotel. We were able not only to bring justice to his case, but to also reunite him with his family along the way.

FEMALE VOICE: Okay. Now I’m going to turn the light on, Bobby. Watch your eyes. Watch your eyes. Yeah, that was bright. Told you I was going to turn the light on.

RON PEREY: One of my favorite memories is representing Bobby. Who is Bobby? A 54-year-old mentally challenge man operating at the level of about five years of age because of his birth defects, was in care all his life in group home, was burned by hot water at a hotel. We ended up filing claim against both the caretakers, the corporation that employed the caretaker, and the hotel and settled this case for several million dollars.

Now why is that an important case in my mind? Number one, he was a loving young man. But he had been alienated from his family. The settlement ended up bringing the entire family together. The family was reunited at the end of this case. And now everyone knows their brother Bobby. And Bobby is living happily with his sister Nelly in Snohomish County being well taken care of.

I think that everyone in my office would say that’s one of the most memorable cases that we’ve handled and handled successfully.

FEMALE VOICE: Let’s freshen up a little this morning, sweetie. Oh, yeah, the little wake up.

FEMALE VOICE: The very first thing that–it was Doug Weimaster who was sent and explained the process that they would do what they could. But they needed to analyze the situation. I was most clearly moved by his introducing his self to my brother, who is developmentally disabled and looking him square in the eye and telling him that he would do what he could to help him out.

And my brother really responded to that. He looked Doug in the eye also and seemed to understand this man was here to help. And it was just a tremendous friendship from then on.

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