Meet Bobby, Burn Victim

Perey Law Group – Nell & Bobby

FEMALE VOICE: April 29th, my brother’s legs were burned. And that was a Sunday. Monday, the 30th, we contacted Perey Law Group. And on May 1st, they were at the hospital to meet with us.

I thought that it was fantastic that there was someone come up to video tape how Bobby’s life was and how he–because that was going to help in the future in getting the right kind of medical attention for him and anything else that he might need, housing or a wheelchair that was appropriate for him and that type of thing. So getting to know him and what his needs would be after the injuries were important.

My brother and I’d been separated for over 50 years. And it was really important that I have him live closer to me so that I could spend time with him and be with him. And Ron and Doug just went beyond anything to make sure that that happened and then standing by me to make sure that it continually got down. They were 100% in all of it, for our family really feels that Doug and Ron and the whole Perey Law Group has become family to us. They’re very important people to us.

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