Team Perey Law Group

RON PEREY: Good morning, Annie [phonetic].

ANNIE: Good morning.

RON PEREY: At Perey Law Group, we handle every case as a team. And when I say a team, that means Doug Weimaster and myself as the lawyers, Alex McCafferty as our medical director, and as our nursing consultant Janice Perey.

And every case has me on it. Every case has Doug on it. Every case has Dr. McCaferty on it.

A client can call in here. And whether they get Doug or whether they get me or Dr. McCafferty or one of our paralegals, they will know about their case in the current status. So teamwork is what makes this practice enjoyable and effective.

DOUG WEINMASTER: At the Perey Law Group, we have initial consultation that is free. At the Perey Law Group, our cases are done on a contingency fee basis. So that means that we do not get paid unless there is a recovery in the case. So really, there is no downside to having a person call our office, speaking with us on the telephone, and determining if their situation is a situation where we can help them.

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