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FEMALE VOICE: Also, new tonight, a local man left paralyzed by a shooting says a restaurant’s mistake let it happen. Five people were hurt when a man opened fire in this Kent Denny’s in January 2007. Two of those victims are now suing the restaurant. Steven Tolenoa says he cannot forget that painful night.

STEVEN TOLENOA: Shots rang out. People were running for the door. I started running. And then I was on the floor.

FEMALE VOICE: Tolenoa’s attorney says Denny’s should’ve done more to increase security since police responded to 154 calls there between 2005 and 2008.

RON PEREY: Any place that has a history of problems, people hanging around, criminal conduct, there is a duty, a well-recognized legal duty to protect those people from known or foreseeable dangers.

FEMALE VOICE: Denny’s says it takes security seriously and can’t discuss the specific policies in place.