Perey Law Group Files Lawsuit Against Sheriff’s Deputy and His Daughter After Crash

The Perey Law Group filed a lawsuit today against a 22-year-old woman who seriously injured a man last November when she drove the wrong way on I-5. The driver, Vallen Brewer, was intoxicated and talking via Bluetooth at the time.

She is the daughter of a King County deputy sheriff who has spoken publicly about the case. The lawsuit was filed in King County Superior Court.

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Seattle Attorney and Pilot Comments on Chopper Crash

It is a sad day in Seattle.

At about 7:40 a.m. local time, a news helicopter crashed near the iconic Space Needle, killing two on board and critically injuring at least one man on the ground.

92572426Eyewitnesses said the chopper crashed moments after take-off, engulfing the wreckage and vehicles on the ground in flames. The critically injured survivor of the crash was able to crawl from his car and was taken to Harborview Medical Center, the Seattle PI reported.

Seattle attorney Doug Weinmaster, with the Perey Law Group, said thick plumes of smoke were visible from the firm’s nearby office. Weinmaster is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and is a Federal Aviation Administration-licensed pilot.

We understand that the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board are on the ground starting an investigation into the cause of this crash,” Weinmaster said. “We have had several clients treated at Harborview (burn center). It is one of the best burn centers in the world – and everyone in Seattle is taking a moment of pause for prayers and positive thoughts for the victims.”

The chopper, which the FAA identified as a Eurocopter AS350, is operated by KOMO TV and also used by KING TV, CNN reported. It is owned by a helicopter company that employed the pilot, KOMO reported. The station identified the men who were killed as pilot Gary Pfitzner and photographer Bill Strothman.

The 38-year-old man injured on the ground was identified as Richard Newman. The PI reported later Tuesday that his condition had been upgraded from “critical” to “serious.”

For more information about aviation accidents visit this page.

Perey Law Group Honored By Best Lawyers Recognition

Ron Perey and the Perey Law Group are proud to have been named a 2013 Lawyer of the Year in medical malpractice law by Seattle’s Best Lawyers. The firm was featured in a cover story that dubbed Ron Perey Seattle’s ‘Godfather’ of medical malpractice.

Seattle's Best Lawyers

Seattle’s ‘Godfather’ of Medical Malpractice

Ron Perey has, indeed, had an illustrious career as an attorney. He was the first lawyer in the Northwest to win a jury verdict of over $1 million, and he holds the record for the largest jury verdict in the state of Washington — nearly $47 million — in a premise liability case.

While the Perey Law Group is proud of the settlements we have won, it is only because these settlements improve the lives of people who have been injured and need help.

“The satisfaction comes from helping our clients find closure and compensation after an event that has brought their lives to a halt,” Ron Perey told Seattle’s Best Lawyers.

Ron Perey was  chosen by his peers for inclusion in Best Lawyers. The honor is not only for the settlements won, but for his team’s honest dedication to their clients and their mission. The Perey Law Group takes on the most difficult cases in order to improve the lives of those who have suffered injury, but also to force broad change to prevent future suffering.

The Perey Law Group is honored to be recognized for our work, and we will continue to fight for closure, justice and compensation for our clients.

What I Have Learned So Far…

January is a time to think about the future and make new resolutions. Once again, one of our lawyers resolves to be a better dad, husband, and lawyer – in that order. Reflecting on his past to improve his future, here are a few things he has learned so far:

Medical negligence cases are hard. Doctor and nurse friends should know that medical malpractice lawyers actually help improve their professions because of heightened focus on patient safety and that only a very small percentage of potential cases that are reviewed will end up as a lawsuit. To succeed, medical cases demand careful screening, large investments of time and expense, and incredible preparation. Only significant medical mistakes with clear damages will result in a positive outcome from litigation. Continue reading

Perey Law Group Makes Washington Primary Election Recommendations

     As primary election ballots have already been mailed for the August 7th election, we wanted to take a moment to share our recommendations with you on those elected positions which will influence the law, the right to a jury trial and access to justice. As personal injury trial lawyers, we are particularly interested in maintaining independence, impartiality, integrity and competence in these elected public officials. We realize that the ordinary voter has very little basis in fact to distinguish between these candidates, particularly for the judiciary. Therefore, as lawyers who interact with the law, the courts, the judiciary and public officials everyday, we thought that we would share with you our endorsements of some of the candidates in the primary. In addition to the judiciary, we also want to discuss our views on four other races on the ballot that are of great importance to citizens and civil justice: Governor, Attorney General, Commissioner of Public Lands and Insurance Commissioner. Continue reading

Unemployment Law Project “Party for the Friends of ULP.”

On June 26, 2012, the Unemployment Law Project held their second annual “Party for the Friends of ULP.” The Unemployment Law Project is a statewide, not-for-profit law firm which provides advice, education, advocacy, services, and representation to unemployed workers. Their mission is to defend the rights and benefits of workers and unemployed people, to advise workers regarding benefits, and to prevent economic insecurity among Washington’s working population.

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Those inspirational words describe the Relay for Life, an event that celebrates the people who have survived or are battling cancer, remembers those we have lost, and fights back against the disease.

“Relay” is the main volunteer fundraising event for the American Cancer Society.

It started in the mid-1980’s when Gordon Klatt, M.D., a colorectal surgeon from Tacoma raised money in honor of his patients by walking around the track at the University of Puget Sound for 24 hours.  He walked 83 miles and railed $27,000 to fight cancer.  Since then, Relay has blossomed into an overnight event where people camp out all night at tracks in over 5,000 communities in the United States and over 21 foreign countries; walking or running in honor of lost loved ones, cancer survivors, and to further the fight against cancer.  One person really can make a difference!

If you would like to volunteer, donate, or learn more, please visit the Relay for Life website at:

Doug Weinmaster at Relay for Life