Welder Falls to His Death at Seattle Construction Site

The Washington Department of Labor had already been out to the Belltown construction site twice by the time Aaron Adair showed up on the job in early January. It was his first day of work at 101 Taylor Ave. Sadly, it would also be his last.

‘He Was the Life of the Party’

Adair, a welder from Anacortes, was 31 years old. He was engaged to be married in June.

While he was known for being a jovial guy in his social life — “the life of the party” — he had just as strong a reputation for being careful in his dangerous profession. His younger brother, Brady Adair, spoke of his skill admiringly, before describing the family’s shock when they got the call about Aaron Adair’s death.

“I just thought in my mind never him, never him. He’s too careful.”

Adair’s father, Dave, spoke on behalf of the grieving family, including Adair’s fiancee, Amanda, saying “We’ll get through it, but it’s going to be really hard.” Continue reading

A Parents’ Guide to Preventing Birth Defects Before It’s Too Late

Download Guide to Preventing Birth Defects eBookEach year approximately 120,000 babies are born with birth defects. In an effort to battle this statistic and to provide support to expecting parents, we have created a free resource with comprehensive information about how to prevent birth defects from occurring. While not all can be prevented, awareness, education and proactive efforts can help increase your chance of having a healthy baby. Since development of many of these defects begins in the first trimester of pregnancy, prenatal care is the best method for prevention.

We created this e-book for soon-to-be parents to serve as a helpful guide. The e-book identifies an action plan to help prevent birth defects and focus on lifestyle improvements. It also shows evidence of how certain medications can affect you and your baby during pregnancy. The key to prevention begins with awareness. By using this resource, parents can better prepare their baby for a healthy future.

Download the free eBook “Expecting Parents Guide to Preventing Birth Defects.”

Seattle Drowning Incidents Raise Serious Concerns

Safe n Sound Swimming DrowningA series of drowning incidents in Seattle has piqued our concern here at Perey Law Group, and we know we aren’t the only ones. We couldn’t help but be alarmed by Monday’s incident, which took place across the street from our offices.

According to the Seattle Times, a 6-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital after she was pulled from the deep end of a pool at Safe N Sound Swimming, which is located at 2000 Westlake Ave. It is not known how long she was below the surface of the water, but fortunately she was reported to be in stable condition and breathing.

The incident comes on the heels of another which left a young college student dead. Continue reading

Fun Times Become Courtroom Battles as Trampoline Injuries Rise

As a child — and even as an adult — there is a certain playfulness and joy that only comes from springing off the elastic surface of a trampoline, soaring through the air and returning to a soft landing to be flung in the air once again. Trampolines are fun, no doubt about it. In rainy Washington, trampoline parks have become increasingly popular as patrons take advantage of a chance to be active indoors. With their rising popularity, however, has also come a rising concern over the safety of these parks. People are getting hurt. Badly. Reports of unenforced rules and dangerous conditions circulate not just through the community, but through the courts as well. One trampoline park in Bellevue in particular has faced numerous lawsuits for horrific injuries.

What Are Your Rights?

AA030138Cases against trampoline parks essentially claim premise liability and gross negligence. When you enter a place of business, you are considered to be an invitee. That means the business has the highest duty of care to keep you safe. Trampoline parks must adequately inform their customers of the dangers of the activity. In addition to this, however, they must ensure that all safety features are functioning properly, that all foreseeable dangers are protected against and that all safety rules are enforced. Continue reading

The Latest Pool Safety Infographic

It’s that time of year to hit the pool, especially with this nice Seattle summer! As an reminder to keep kids safe from drowning we make an infographic with important pool safety information. Last year was the introduction of the infographic and this year is the second edition.

Have a look and feel free to share this on your website or print-out and post next to your pool!

Click the image to see the full view.

Pool Safety Infographic


Recent Drowning Statistics

  • 5,100 emergency room-treated drowning related injuries treated annually from 2010-2012
  • 390 – annual average number of drowning deaths in pools and spas of children ages 0-14 from 2008-2010 as reported by the CPSC.
  • 67% of deaths involving children between ages of 1 and 3
  • Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1-4
  • 76% of reported fatalities and injuries which occur in children under 5

Spring Brings Warm Weather and an Increased Drowning Risk

As the weather gets warmer, people are heading out to the shores of Washington to enjoy a day on the water. A warm spring day, however, does not always mean that conditions are safe. Already this year, there have been several scary incidents in Washington. Three near-drownings occurred on Sat., May 11 — one each in Lake Washington, Green River and Panther Lake. The Washington State Department of Health, in a news release, warned residents that late-spring conditions increase the risk of drowning. Continue reading

Is Your Workplace Safe from Explosions?

The explosion in West, Texas came in the middle of a week of tragedy. On the evening of April 17, a fire at a fertilizer plant caused a massive explosion. The blast killed 14 people, injured hundreds of others, destroyed or damaged dozens of buildings and wounded the heart of the small town of 2,700 people. No foul play is suspected, making the explosion most likely a horrific accident.

The tragedy has caused Washington residents and officials to take a close look at potentially hazardous sites within the state. Continue reading

Deadly Birth Defect on the Rise in Yakima County

Last month, Washington state officials reported they were shocked to find that the fatal birth defect anencephaly was occurring more often than it should in Yakima County—8 times more often, in fact.

The Department of Health reviewed 2012 figures, expecting to find a single case of anencephaly among the county’s roughly 4,000 live births, based on the national average. Instead, they found 8 cases.

Investigators are now trying to figure out why. Continue reading