Emergency Room Errors

Medical Malpractice in the Emergency Room

The ER sees everyone. People walk in suffering from heart attacks. Others arrive with massive injuries. Emergency room doctors and staff need to be ready for anything. Errors are not acceptable. At Perey Law Group, our lawyers help victims of medical mistakes get fair compensation. We represent people in Seattle and throughout Washington.

A Fast-Moving Situation? That’s Not an Excuse.

Emergency room doctors and staff need to make decisions quickly. Often, these are tough decisions. However, these are decisions that these medical professionals are trained to make. The fast-moving nature of the emergency room is no excuse for errors.

Every patient who comes into the ER should be cared for properly, should receive the appropriate tests and should be treated for their condition. When they are not, it can cause a condition to become much worse.

How do Emergency Room Errors Happen?

One of the critical duties of emergency room doctors and staff is to determine who needs to be treated first and who can stay in the waiting room for a little while longer. This is the first opportunity for a mistake to be made. If someone is left to wait too long, they may suffer permanent damage or even wrongful death.

The emergency room staff must take quick action to triage, or categorize the patient’s condition. Those with the most severe conditions need treatment right away. Unfortunately, it is all too common that patients die in the emergency room waiting room without receiving any treatment. The emergency room physician must decide whether to admit a patient or discharge them. Another common error is sending patients home when they should be admitted due to their condition.

Other errors are the result of not taking the proper care when reviewing a patient’s condition. Failure to diagnose a medical condition such as a heart attack or stroke is a common problem. Failure to provide the appropriate tests, such as an EKG or even X-rays is also a common type of emergency room error.

Since our establishment in 1983, we have achieved a long record of historic verdicts and settlements. Our lawyers know how to obtain results in ER error cases.

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