Misdiagnosis & Delay in Diagnosis

Medical Conditions Must be Caught to be Treated

In order for a medical condition to be treated, it must be caught and it must be caught in a timely manner. This is the first step. Unfortunately, it is also one of the steps that it is most commonly missed by doctors. This is an all-too-common form of medical malpractice.

At Perey Law Group, our attorneys help victims of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis seek full compensation. We represent people in Seattle and throughout Washington in these cases.

Commonly Misdiagnosed and Undiagnosed Conditions

While misdiagnosis can occur with any medical condition, only certain conditions grow more serious over time. Our lawyers commonly see cases involving:

Proving Misdiagnosis as Medical Malpractice

The argument that the opposition will make in misdiagnosis cases is that it wasn’t medical malpractice because symptoms didn’t present themselves. They will argue that the doctor met the appropriate standard of care.

We often find that it wasn’t a matter of the symptoms not presenting themselves, but of doctors not reviewing them carefully enough. Often, these cases involve a doctor failing to order the appropriate tests or misinterpreting test results. There may also have been an error in the way that the technicians conducted the test which prevented the results from being accurate. With the help of our experts, we will get to the bottom of these issues.

Since our establishment in 1983, we have achieved a long record of historic verdicts and settlements. Our lawyers know how to obtain results in medical malpractice misdiagnosis cases.

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