Perey Law Group Files Lawsuit Against Sheriff’s Deputy and His Daughter After Crash

The Perey Law Group filed a lawsuit today against a 22-year-old woman who seriously injured a man last November when she drove the wrong way on I-5. The driver, Vallen Brewer, was intoxicated and talking via Bluetooth at the time.

She is the daughter of a King County deputy sheriff who has spoken publicly about the case. The lawsuit was filed in King County Superior Court.

The lawsuit was filed because the Brewer family’s insurance company, Safeco, refused to negotiate with the firm to settle the issue.

“We expected Safeco to step up and protect the Brewer family,” a Perry Law Group lawyer said. “Our client faces a lifetime dealing with a traumatic brain injury. Safeco gave us no choice but to seek justice for him from the members of a jury.”

“We believe liability is so clear in this case that we were surprised when Safeco would not even start negotiations with us,” said attorney Ron Perey, who leads the Perey Law Group.

The woman’s father, Tim Brewer, and his family are also named as defendants in the lawsuit under a legal theory called the “family car doctrine,” which allows parents to be held accountable for a child’s negligent driving in some circumstances.

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Based in Seattle, the Perey Law Group has been representing injured Washington residents for more than 30 years. This case is just the latest example of our strides for justice on behalf of our clients.

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