Meet Gus, born with brain damage due to Medical Negligence

[GRAPHIC: Little Gus, Gus was born with profound brain damage due to Medical Negligence]
Gus suffered severe brain damage due to asphyxia during his birth. Gus is one of the most injured children the Perey Law Group has ever seen. The positive outcome of this case brought much-needed closure to a suffering family.

RON PEREY: One of the most profoundly injured children that I have ever seen was Gus. Gus suffered brain damage through birth asphyxia, is now five years of age. You cannot imagine the amount of work and love that goes into taking care of this child every single day. So that is very satisfying to handle a case like that, bringing resources to the family, and bring some closure to the–let’s call it the anger side of a tragedy.

MALE VOICE: When I was told the extent of my son’s injuries and what was necessary to take care of him, I didn’t really comprehend the sheer volume of work or the financial strain or burden that it would be. At one point, Ron brought over a video crew to document a day in the life of my child and his needs. And at that point, you know, we’d been taking care of him regularly on a daily basis for probably six, seven months. And to be honest, until I saw that footage, I didn’t realize how complicated it was because you just get into the moment.

He needs nursing care. And he needs an incredible amount of medical support and therapies. And I think seeing all of that on film is a real eye opener because it makes you think about the needs that you’re going to have in the future. I think it was a very valuable tool. And I do get satisfaction. What little satisfaction I do get is the fact that the people who contributed to my son’s injury were held responsible for that.

The end, we have the financial ability now to take care of our child. There’s no way could’ve done that without getting an attorney, absolutely not.

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