Are There Birth Defect Warning Signs?

Many expectant mothers experience anxiety about the health of their unborn child, and they wonder fearfully about the possibility of a birth defect. For roughly three out of 100 pregnancies, those fears are realized in some way. One in a 100 suffers a major defect, such as cleft palate, mental disability or congenital heart defect.

Rather than worry incessantly about Happy mother with newborn babytheir baby’s odds of suffering from a birth defect, some expectant parents bury their heads in the sand, refusing to learn more or investigate the possibility. For many, the wondering ends in a sigh of relief with a healthy birth. For those who don’t, the heartache is deepened by wondering what might have happened if they had done more to prepare. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About SSRIs

The causes of birth defects are numerous and varied. Many of them are still shrouded in mystery, leaving some pregnancies harmed in the midst of perfectly healthy ones. But in the past several years, one factor has risen to the surface as having devastating potential for birth defects.

Multiple cases have emerged showing that SSRI anti-depressants significantly heighten the risk of ventricular heart defects, brain and spinal cord defects and major cardiovascular anomalies.

blog_7_22SSRI stands for selective serontonin reuptake inhibitor. They are used to treat social anxiety, chronic panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder, along with depression. SSRIs work by stopping the brain’s nerve cells from re-absorbing serotonin (commonly thought of as the “feel-good hormone”), which it usually does after releasing serotonin into the body. When the serotonin is allowed to hang out longer in the gaps between nerve cells, it’s easier for the brain to regulate mood.

That is the theory, anyway. In practice, SSRIs have proved very controversial. Continue reading

Keep Your Children Safe From Defective Toys

With the holidays now upon us, the season of gift giving has begun. Children will receive all sorts of presents this month, to their delight.

While you enjoy the holidays, however, we urge you to be aware of product safety issues that can affect your children. Oftentimes, seemingly harmless things can mean injury or even death to young ones.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe

Of course, no one wants to spend their holidays fretting and worrying. But taking just 3 simple precautions can help prevent a tragic accident. Continue reading

Backhoe Accidents Not Always Due to User Error

Backhoes are commonly used on construction sites for digging, moving piles of dirt or stone and a number of other tasks. Like most large machines, they perform functions on a larger scale than a person could do alone thanks to their sheer size and the aid of hydraulics.

backhoe on green grassWhile undoubtedly useful, they may also be dangerous.

On Oct. 15, a Cle Elum man died in a backhoe accident, the Yakima Herald reported. This is the most recent such death, but it is certainly not the first.

Shawn Tolbert was killed while standing beside the running machine when the boom arm used for digging suddenly swung, pinning him against another part of the backhoe. Continue reading

Is Your Gas Grill a Ticking Time Bomb?

On May 15, 2013, a propane tank connected to a gas grill exploded on the patio of a home in Agoura Hills, Calif. The condominium was engulfed in flames, but luckily the resident, Beck Rubin, saw the tank catch fire and fled to safety with her pets. Rubin told The Acorn that after turning off the barbecue when she finished grilling, she saw that the propane tank had caught fire. She called 911, grabbed her pets and ran.

Just two and a half weeks later, on June 2, a North Carolina man was taken to the hospital after his gas grill exploded. He reportedly had burns on 9% of his body, centered mostly around his face and ears. Continue reading

Is Your Workplace Safe from Explosions?

The explosion in West, Texas came in the middle of a week of tragedy. On the evening of April 17, a fire at a fertilizer plant caused a massive explosion. The blast killed 14 people, injured hundreds of others, destroyed or damaged dozens of buildings and wounded the heart of the small town of 2,700 people. No foul play is suspected, making the explosion most likely a horrific accident.

The tragedy has caused Washington residents and officials to take a close look at potentially hazardous sites within the state. Continue reading

Who is Responsible for a Robot?

Robots are regularly performing surgical procedures on patients in hospitals across America, and the doctors in control them are not properly trained in how they work.

That frightening premise is what the family of a man who died after an operation is claiming in a lawsuit headed to trail in less than 2 weeks. The lawsuit is one of several in recent years filed against Intuitive Surgical Inc., which manufactures surgical robots used in 1,371 U.S. hospitals, Bloomberg reported.

This case illustrates the quickly changing state of modern medicine. But it also rests upon long-established principles of law that remain relevant – even if lines are increasingly becoming blurred. Continue reading

Falling Furniture a Preventable and Deadly Danger

Do you ignore that little baggie of hardware that comes with your furniture and appliances? If you do, you might be putting your child at risk of a tipping accident. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has found that falling furniture and appliances are hurting a record number of people. The report estimates that 43,000 people are injured per year in such a fashion, and 59% of those injured are children. Continue reading

Is Your Smoke Detector Working?

Daylight Savings Time “FALL back” is SundayNovember 4, 2012 at 2:00 a.m.

This weekend in addition to turning our clocks back, we all should change the batteries in our smoke detectors and test all hard-wired smoke detectors.

smoke detector

For many years, the lawyers at Perey Law Group have represented families who lost loved ones, and people who have been severely injured in fires that burn homes and apartment buildings. Continue reading

The Magic Weight Loss Solution is a Dangerous Fairytale

Summertime is approaching, and with it comes swimsuit season. Around this time of year, Americans who are carrying around even just a few spare pounds may consider drastic measures to shed unwanted inches before they hit the beach.

Being overweight or obese can pose serious health risks. In Washington, 62% of people are overweight or obese, and each year that percentage increases. This trend has serious health implications that far surpass looking good in that bikini. That being said, drugs or drastic diets are not safe ways to go about losing weight, be it 5 or 50 pounds.

Hazardous HCG

In 2010, federal agents searched the Natural Healing Clinic in Port Angeles, Washington, a clinic run by Rick Marschall, NP.

The reason for this search? The illegal possession and sale of human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG). Marschall initially claimed to be using the HCG for its FDA approved use as a fertility treatment. After the collection of evidence against him, including his website which promoted the use of HCG as a weight loss drug, Marschall admitted to lying to the FDA and in 2011 pleaded guilty to one count of causing the introduction of misbranded drugs.

No Evidence of Weight Loss Success with HCG

Over the last few years, HCG has become wildly popular as a weight loss supplement. Weight loss clinics “prescribe” it in conjunction with a restricted calorie diet of 500 calories per day. The problem is that there is no evidence that HCG actually promotes weight loss, appetite suppression or changes fat metabolism and distribution, as those who sell it claim. Continue reading