Medication Errors

The Damage Caused by Medication Errors

Medication is a critical element in treating many medical conditions. When used properly, it can mean the difference between life and death. When certain medications, such as painkillers, heparin, blood thinners, asthma medication, insulin, or other powerful drugs are used improperly, it can cause serious damage to the patient.

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Forms of Medication Errors

Medication errors can happen in the hospital or outside of the hospital. They can be nursing errors, doctor errors or pharmacist errors.

Many of these errors occur when the prescription is written out. The error can be anything from the doctor failing to check whether conflicting drugs are being taken to writing the wrong dosage on the prescription pad, which can lead to drug overdose.

Other errors take place at the pharmacy. When the prescription is filled, it may be misread or the wrong medicine may be put in the bottle.

In the hospital, errors can occur when the medication is administered. A nurse may inject the wrong dose of a painkiller or fail to report a negative reaction to a medication.

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