Cerebral Palsy

A Birth Injury That is Too Common

Among the most common forms of birth injury caused by medical malpractice is cerebral palsy. This is a form of brain damage that can result from asphyxiation that occurs during the childbirth process.

At Perey Law Group, our cerebral palsy attorneys pursue fair compensation in birth injury cases. We represent parents in Seattle and throughout Washington in these cases.

Cerebral Palsy: Preventable vs. Unpreventable

Many cases of cerebral palsy are preventable. They are the result of a mistake that a doctor makes during the childbirth process, a mistake that could have been avoided.

However, other cases of cerebral palsy are not the result of an act of negligence during the childbirth process. These are non-preventable cases that the doctor could have done nothing to prevent.

Our duty often comes down to differentiating between these two. The challenge is that, even in cases where the doctor was at fault, the doctor will claim that nothing could have been done. This is why thorough investigation is necessary in every case. If the doctor was responsible, we will find out and we will hold them accountable.

Proving Cerebral Palsy as Medical Malpractice

At our law firm, we have access to a vast network of medical experts from the most recognized medical centers in the country. We draw from this network to bring in experts who can help us prove that a case of cerebral palsy was the result of medical malpractice.

We build our cases on facts, which is why we have been so successful in getting results for the people we represent.

Since our establishment in 1983, we have achieved a long record of historic verdicts and settlements. Our lawyers know how to obtain results in cerebral palsy cases.

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