Aviation Accidents

Compensation for Aviation Accident Victims

Perey Law Group represents victims of plane crashes and other aviation accidents in Seattle and throughout Washington. With a licensed pilot on our legal team, we understand that these cases are frequently severe, resulting in either serious personal injury or the wrongful death of passengers.

Aviation Accidents Caused by Negligence

Our attorneys understand that many forms of negligence can result in a plane accident. In some cases, the negligence may be on the part of the pilot, or pilot error. In other cases, it may be poorly performed maintenance, or air traffic control personnel who acted carelessly.

We are also available to handle plane crash cases caused by defective parts. From defective landing gear to improperly constructed fuel tanks, we can take on the manufacturer responsible for the accident.

Using Experts in Plane Crash Cases

These cases are typically very evidence-intensive. It is important to bring in experts who can assist in gathering and analyzing all of the facts necessary to build a strong case.

The experts we bring in will not only help us build our case, but they will also help us present it if we need to take the matter to trial. If the opposition is unwilling to offer a fair settlement and we need to take the case to the courtroom, it is critical that we make a jury understand how an accident happened and how it could have been prevented. The experts that we utilize have experience communicating very technical details to help a jury understand what went wrong and why it was a matter of negligence.

Since our establishment in 1983, we have achieved a long record of historicverdicts and settlements. We know how to obtain results in plane crash cases.

All Cases Handled on a Contingency Basis

You will only be asked to pay if we are successful in recovering compensation for you in your aviation accident case.

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