Drowning & Near-Drowning Accidents

Even with four lifeguards on duty at the Tukwila pool, Candice Green drowned as she was attempting to learn to swim before her honeymoon in Mexico. This case was tragic on many levels.

Compensation in Drowning and Near-Drowning Cases

Perey Law Group handles drowning and near-drowning cases in Seattle and throughout Washington. We pursue results in these challenging personal injury and wrongful death cases.

We created a drowning accident infographic to illustrate ways in which you can protect your kids.

Swimming Pool Cases

Many swimming accidents that result in injury, drowning or near-drowning involve children. These cases involve backyard pools that did not have the proper safety features, namely a fence to keep children away.

An unprotected backyard swimming pool is considered an attractive nuisance. Children will undoubtedly be attracted to such things. If they are not fenced in and kept out of reach, children will try to use them. In the unsupervised use of backyard swimming pools, drowning and near-drowning can happen.

Failure to hire and train lifeguards is another reason swimmers becomes victims of injury or death due to inattentive lifeguards. Swimming pool safety must always be considered first. Improper supervision of swimming can lead to serious spinal cord injury, paralysis, quadriplegia, coma, persistent vegetative state, or death. For example, if children are invited to a pool party and then left without parental supervision, the homeowner may be held responsible for any harm that results.

Boating Accident Cases

Other drowning and near-drowning cases are the result of boating accidents. When operated by a person who is intoxicated or who is simply acting negligently, a boat may collide with a swimmer, which can result in drowning or near-drowning.

Similarly, passengers may fall out of boats that are being used improperly, people may be hit by boats while skiing or using personal watercraft.

No matter what caused an accident on the water, our lawyers are ready to find out who is responsible and hold them accountable.

Since our establishment in 1983, we have achieved a long record of historic verdicts and settlements. Our lawyers know how to obtain results in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

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