Negligent Security

When a Business Fails to Provide Adequate Security

Certain businesses, such as hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, shopping centers and malls, must take security measures. Bars and nightclubs must provide security guards to prevent fighting. Hotels and motels must have properly lit parking lots to prevent assaults. Essentially, any business that either has a history of criminal activity or the knowledge of potential criminal activity must provide adequate security to keep people safe.

At Perey Law Group, PLLC, our attorneys help victims of attacks, sexual assault and other crimes that cause personal injury or wrongful death. We represent people in Seattle and throughout Washington in negligent security cases.

Negligent Security in Businesses and Elsewhere

Negligent security cases are frequently the result of a business that has failed in its duty to protect patrons. The business has failed to provide proper security. Any business can be involved in these cases, including:

  • Bars and nightclubs with security personnel who fail to stop a fight between two patrons
  • Hotels and motels that fail to lock or properly secure outside doors, thus allowing easy entry to criminals who cause harm to people staying there
  • Gas stations that do not have adequate security cameras to ward off armed robbery attempts, in which patrons get caught in the middle and hurt

These cases can also happen at apartment buildings and rental homes. If the landlord fails to maintain functioning locks on doors and windows, fails to properly light parking lots or stairwells or install security cameras when necessary, they could be held accountable when crimes lead to injuries or deaths.

Determining Whether Negligence Took Place

The unfortunate fact is that, in most negligent security cases, the business has seen this type of activity before. When we investigate, we frequently find there is extensive documentation of police calls and other problems.

By thoroughly investigating, we will gather all of the facts required to prove that a business failed to recognize all of the warning signs. We will be able to show that a business acted negligently by choosing not to do what was necessary to keep visitors secure.

Since our establishment in 1983, we have achieved a long record of historic verdicts and settlements. Our lawyers know how to obtain results in negligent security cases.

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