Types of Injuries

Vegetative State

Has Your Loved One Gone Into a Coma?

If someone you care about has suffered a brain injury that has led to a vegetative state, and that injury was caused by an act of negligence, Perey Law Group can help. Vegetative State continues

Spinal Cord Injuries

Lawyers Representing Neck and Back Injury Victims

Spinal cord injuries come in many forms. Some of these injuries may inflict a lifetime of pain, simply by impacting a few discs along the spine. Others can leave victims suffering from temporary or even permanent paralysis, an injury that will change the victim’s life forever. Spinal Cord Injuries continues

Loss of Limb

Attorneys Representing Amputation Victims

There is no doubt that the loss of a limb always has a permanent impact. Loss of a finger can prevent a person from continuing in their line of work or from pursuing their favorite hobbies. Loss of a toe can throw off balance. Needless to say, the loss of an arm or a leg is a catastrophic condition that has lifelong repercussions. Loss of Limb continues

Burn & Scalding Injuries

Bobby is a 54-year-old man who operates at the level of a 5-year-old due to birth defects that brought about a mental handicap. Unfortunately, he was burned by hot water at a hotel. We were able not only to bring justice to his case, but to also reunite him with his family along the way.

Lawyers Representing Victims of Burn Injuries Burn & Scalding Injuries continues

Bone & Joint Injuries

Attorneys Representing Bone and Joint Injury Victims

For many victims of bone fractures and joint injuries, healing is a fairly simple process. A broken arm may be a minor issue by itself, relatively speaking. However, the cumulative impact of several minor injuries can be catastrophic. A person who suffers a broken arm in addition to a broken leg, broken ribs and a torn shoulder has a serious injury to contend with. Bone & Joint Injuries continues