Medical Malpractice/ Wrongful Death

Result: $1,075,000

A 60 year-old man from Everett, Washington died after his diverticulitis (inflammation and infection of out-pouchings in the colon (diverticula)) and bowel perforation and abscess went under-treated while at the defendant skilled nursing facility. The failure of the doctors and nurses to recognize and treat the worsening diverticulitis caused the decedent to suffer peritonitis and sepsis. He had multi-organ system failure and could not be removed from the ventilator. His condition worsened and he died after 15 days after enduring indescribable pain and suffering. If the doctors had performed a CT scan, the abscess and perforation would have been detected and he would have had surgery and most probably survived. The settlement was successfully won by Perey Law Group lawyers for the man’s loving wife.