Trucking “Wheel-off” Accident/ Wrongful Death

Result: $1,050,000

A 350 pound wheel and tire dislodged from defendants tractor-trailer, crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed through the window of the client’s Toyota, near Bremerton, Washington, in Kitsap County. The decedent was on her cell phone speaking to her daughter when the accident occurred. The wheel and tire collided directly with the woman’s head causing massive injuries and death within minutes of impact at the age of 48 years. She left behind a husband and adult daughter.

Perey Law Group attorneys successfully proved that one of the 10 lugbolts on the wheel failed because they were improperly installed or improperly maintained. The Perey Law Group’s expert metallurgist opined that bolt #1 failed first and placed added stress in a “cyclical” pattern on the other bolts. As the wheel turned around, this caused the lugbolts to oscillate (wobble) back and forth. Eventually, this caused each of the bolts to fail and shear. This case was settled for the insurance policy limits.